World Trumpet International Honors

World Trumpet honors celebrate and recognize ministries, churches, individuals or groups who impact the global society with acts of kindness, compassion, and responding to the needs of those whose lives need a total transformation.


The World trumpet international honors are created to trumpet true humanitarian missions and celebrate the unsung heroes, individuals, churches, and ministries within the United States and around the world who have succeeded against immense odds to bring hope and tangible relief assistance to millions of suffering people in many suffering countries around the world.  These special recognitions and appreciations awards are given to men and women who have determined to see lives transformed, feeding the hungry, building waters well, building schools, first responders and rescue and disaster missionaries, church planters in rural villages.  


World Trumpet international honors are originally presented by World trumpet television a network broadcasting these unsung heroes on world mission fields and their stories of transformation worldwide.


The mission of World trumpet international honors is to inspire, educate, unite to serve together and enlighten human minds to the reality the our hurting world still in need and we are called to be the light .

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